Join us on a horseback pack trip in the over 500,000 hectares Absaroka-Beartooth Wilderness Area in the Rocky Mountains, just north of the Yellowstone National Park boundary. In the USA, access to wilderness areas is restricted to people on foot or horseback, and even simple mechanical devices such as bicycles are not allowed. Wilderness areas are places where nature remains abundant and undisturbed, and where one can find great peace and quiet.

We access our camp site in the very center of such a wilderness after a 5 to 6 hours horse ride. Imagine yourself in the early morning, as you leave civilization and enter the wilderness. The forest and the mountains are all around you, full of promises and of glimpses of furtive wildlife. Imagine yourself, as, step by step, your horse slowly rises above the timberline and the majestic peaks of the Rocky Mountains reveal themselves to you. You reach a mountain pass above 3000 meters, and overlook the next valley full of promises in front of you, the valley you are about to descend into and call home for a while. You are surrounded by mountain wilderness on all sides, as far as the eye can see, and the feeling is simply overwhelming.

Camp is located on the edge of a grassy meadow dissected by a meandering creek. The horses, after their hard days work, are set free to graze, and we settle into camp for a well deserved dinner prepared by a professional camp cook. The next day, we might go fishing for trout in nearby creeks and mountain lakes, go for additional horse rides to search for beaver dams and other wildlife, or simply relax in the spectacular scenery around camp.


We organize two one-week Rocky Mountains Wilderness trips each year, during the first half of August. Please use the "Your preferred dates" button below to ask about availability.


US$1450 per week. Includes all activities, meals, and accomodations.


Day 1: Afternoon pickup in Bozeman, Montana. General briefing. 
Day 2: Morning departure on horse back; arrival at camp in early or mid-afternoon.
Day 3-6: Life in the great outdoors! Horse riding, hiking, wildlife viewing, fishing.
Day 7: Morning departure from camp and return to civilization. Mid-afternoon drop off in Bozeman, Montana.


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