I (Deidrie) am a citizen of the United States, and was born in the state of Montana. I grew up mostly in Helena, the capital of Montana, except for 7 years during which I lived in the state of Maine. I first traveled to Japan when I was 15 years old, when I was the youngest delegate on the first delagation from Montana to travel to Kumamoto Prefecture, its sister state in southern Japan. I studied at Montana State University (MSU). I also was an exchange student for one year at the Kansai International Language University in Osaka, Japan, where I studied Japanese literature and arts. I graduated from MSU with highest honors with a double Bachelors degree, in French and in Commerce.

I (Oscar) am a citizen of the Netherlands, but was born and raised in France. I first went to the United States in 1985 on an exchange program sponsored by the Future Farmers of America (FFA). While with the FFA I worked for a pecan producer in Arizona, and for two ranches in Wyoming, including the Devils Tower Guest Ranch at the very foot of Devils Tower, and the Padlock, one of the largest ranches in the state. I then became a student at Montana State University from which I graduated with honors with a Bachelors degree in Agriculture-Economics. During the summer brakes I worked in Boston, Massachusetts, in Nappa, California, and twice as a sheep herder in the Absarokas-Beartooth Wilderness Area in the Rocky Mountains just north of the Yellowstone National Park boundary.

We (Oscar and Deidrie) met while students at MSU. After our graduation we traveled to Japan, where we ended up living for a total of 10 years! We worked as teachers of English and French in private and public schools, and at Shinshu University, in the town of Matsumoto, in the prefecture of Nagano. Deidrie then first became an auditing student and then a researcher at Shinshu University, where she continued to study Japanese literature, with a specialization on the author Shiga Naoya. Oscar also became a student at Shinshu University, where he eventually obtained a Doctorate in biology with a specialization on the ecology and conservation of Asiatic black bears, which are poorly studied but very common in large parts of the country.

Our two children were born in Japan, where they became fluent in Japanese and in English, which is the language we normally speak at home. We currently live in France where our children continue to build on their language skills.

We are energetic and fun filled hosts, assuring your stays with us are full of discoveries and laughter. In France, we not only help you discover the country through its landscapes, architecture, and history, but also through its culture and through pleasant interactions with locals. In Norway, we give you more than just a few glimpses of the incredible country. We take you fishing or whale watching in the Arctic Ocean, discover puffin or other sea bird colonies, and otherwise enjoy the beauty of this arctic country, whether it be illuminated by the midnight sun in the summer or by the northern lights in the winter. In the American West, not only do we show you many of the wild animals that live in the great landscapes and help you understand the ecological processes that take place there, but through authentic western activities you'll experience the West to the fullest! Come on and join us!


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