Scandinavia is fantastic in the winter. Even though this is a time when most of the peninsula is still covered in snow and ice, you will be surprised at how mild the temperatures actually are. In March, when most of our winter tours to Scandinavia take place, the sun is racing back and the days are already as long as the quickly shortening nights. This is an excellent time to observe the northern lights during the evenings and to enjoy fun and exciting activities during the day.

There are many fun and exciting activities in Scandinavia in March!
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- Meet traditional Sami people and their reindeer, and learn more about their ancient culture.
- Go ice fishing on a frozen lake; the lucky ones can cook their fish on a fire on the ice!
- Learn how to harness and drive your own team of dogs!
- Learn how to drive a snowmobile!
- And much much more, just come and see for yourself!

In the cities (Kiruna and Narvik) we spend the nights in comfortable hotels and eat all our meals in restaurants. We also usually spend 3 nights in comfortable and fully equipped cabins in Camp Abisko, in the heart of one of Sweden's first National Parks. The relatively dry climate and few city lights make Camp Abisko an excellent place from which to observe the Northern Lights. Here, we engage in fun outdoor activities during the days, keep an eye out for the ephemeral Northern Lights in the evenings, and all help to prepare fun meals and parties in our cabins!


Most of our Northern Lights tours in Scandinavia take place during the first half of March. Please contact us if you would like to join us, or use the "Your preferred dates" button below to send us your request for different dates. We will be happy to get back to you.


1100 euros for 7 days. This price is if at least 5 people join the tour. It includes all accommodations in hotels and cabins, all meals, all transportation by van or train, and all activities, but does not include alcoholic beverages.



Weather permitting, we can see the northern lights on any night!

Day 1 Meeting at the Kiruna airport, in the Swedish arctic.
Day 2 Spend the morning with traditional Sami people and their reindeer; take the train to Camp Abisko, near the Norwegian border in the afternoon.
Days 3 & 4 Ice fishing, snowmobiling, learning to drive your own dog team, cross country skiing, etc...
Day 5 Take the train to Narvik over the majestic Norwegian border.
Day 6 Enjoy the fjords and the majestic scenery in Norway in the morning; take the train back to Kiruna, in Sweden, in the afternoon.
Day 7 Return to Japan from the Kiruna airport.


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