How grand the Grand Canyon is!
Arizona and the states surrounding it are incredibly beautiful. The natural forces that shaped the Grand Canyon have actually been active throughout the area, making any trip there an exciting and awe inspiring adventure.

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We will meet at the airport in Phoenix, in the center of Arizona. We will first stop to admire a forest of organ pipe cacti before going north to the Grand Canyon. We will then move on towards Zion National Park in Southern Utah, before turning West to Las Vegas for a wild night in the famous gambling town. We will then stop in Death Valley before going on to the airport in Los Angeles. Depending on demand, we can lengthen the trip by one day to also visit Monument Valley. All travel will be done by minibus.


We are scheduling a special trip to Arizona in February 2004. Please do not hesitate to contact us if you would like to join us or if you have any questions. We will be happy to get back to you.


1100 euros for 7 days. This price is if at least 5 people join the tour and includes all accommodations in hotels, all meals, all transportation by mini-bus, and all activities.



Day 1 Meeting at the Phoenix airport.
Day 2 Drive north towards the Grand Canyon. Enjoy a forest of organ pipe cacti on the way!
Day 3 Enjoy the Grand Canyon.
Day 4 Drive towards Zion National Park.
Day 5 On to Las Vegas!
Day 6 Visit Death Valley!
Day 7 Return to Japan from the airport in Los Angeles.


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